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Liberty Rising - the Dawning of Freedom

Meri, Daughter Christina and Baby Landen at Baker Beach
                                                                                  overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge

We are at a time in History where the battle lines have been drawn. It is the “Moment of Truth”. We are at a transition where the very life and heart of the culture is at stake. With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic which happened at the beginning of 2020 the nation reeled. But there were those of us who only stood up and spoke up! In prayer one morning, I heard the voice of God speak to me and say, “COVID 19 means Christ Overcoming Victory in Disease – Psalms 19”. I was able to share this on NBC and BBC:

I had been at a baptism which some friends of mine were hosting called Saturate OC. The BBC had come out and were interviewing people about the event. I was able to share this clip in front of millions around the world.... Continue Reading

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